This Thanksgiving turn your appetizer plates of cheese, meats, and pickles into a DIY Bloody Mary Bar.

Not only is this a good idea, its super easy. You just need to add Bloody Mary Mix, (here is a great recipe) and Vodka, to the things your were planning on putting out for snacks anyway.

Also most people find it easy to start their day drinking a Bloody Mary. It’s a great way to get a drink and a snack in while waiting for the big turkey day dinner. Those who don’t want a drink can still enjoy all of the ingredients as hors devours, or make a virgin mary.

It’s easy to take your Bloody  Mary Bar set up to the next level. Just make sure you have some fun ingredients. Like a few different hot sauces, some spices like Old Bay and BBQ rub, interesting pickles (I use Best Cellar Pickle Company pickles of course), citrus wedges, Worcestershire, and prepared horseradish. You probably already have most of this stuff hanging around in your kitchen.